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What Is Dropshipping? eCommerce Dropshipping Made Easy
ordoro review
Ordoro Review. What is Dropshipping? Ordoro makes eCommerce dropshipping easy. Ordoro is an dropshipping software for eCommerce stores. It integrates with major internet players like 3dCart, Amazon, BigCommerce, eBay, Ecwid, Etsy, Shopify, Square, WooCommerce, and more. It's the leading dropshipping solution. Ordoro automates your orders and shipping process with live-rates from all the major logistics companies like USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, Canada Post, and more. 
Ordoro Review: Features + What is Dropshipping? eCommerce Dropshipping Made Easy
Ordoro has a long list of features for dropshipping business.  With Ordoro, you can manage your shipping and inventory.  It's the perfect solution for small to medium-sized businesses looking to manage everything under one admin panel.  There's no additional software or hardware needed to use Ordoro. There are only two requirements, which are an internet connection and a web browser.  In other words, it requires nothing to start dropshipping.   

Ordoro offers a simple user interface.  Its navigation bar provides quick links to monitor your dropshipping business with ease.  There's a main Dashboard comes with graphs, so you can visually monitor your sales and costs.  There's a more detail Order page to view your order status.  In addition, the Products page lets you monitor your inventory stock levels.  They have an option to download a CSV file with all your inventory and sales data.
ordoro review
Ordoro Review: Automation + What is Dropshipping? eCommerce Dropshipping Made Easy
With Ordoro, you can integrate with Fedex, Canada Post, DHL, UPS, USPS, and more. It has the ability to batch print all your shipping labels and packing lists with one-click; in addition, the shipping labels and packing lists can be printed from any computer or any printer. You can easily organize your orders with tags for easy filtering. In addition, the package tracking number is automatically sent to your customers, so they can easily track their orders.  Ordoro offers an open API, so all you have to do is approve an order then Ordoro takes it from there.

Have multiple sales channels and a main online store? 3dCart? Amazon? eBay? BigCommerce? Ecwid? Etsy? Shopify? WooCommerce? Square? It's not an issue. Ordoro easily downloads all your orders into one place for easy management.  Ordoro syncs your inventory levels across all your sales channel to ensure you never oversell your products; Ordoro makes it easy to track inventory levels across multiple warehouses.  In addition, you can mark your dropshipping suppliers' SKU, so orders go directly to them; plus, there's the ability to split up orders for multiple suppliers. 
ordoro review
Ordoro Review: Reports + What is Dropshipping? eCommerce Dropshipping Made Easy
Ordoro offers a laundry list of reporting tools.  It's all on display on the Advance Analytics page with an option to export reports to data to a CSV file.  Ordoro reports make it easy to view all your sales, inventory, expenses, and shipping costs across all sales channel in one place.  Ordor offers plenty of analytical features for your finances, shipping, inventory, and a summarized report.  There's a huge list of report fields to use with Ordoro.  Here are summarized list of the different report fields:
  • Total Shipping Cost By Carrier
  • Total Revenue
  • Total Revenue By Sales Channel
  • Total Expenses
  • Total Taxes
  • Top Customers
  • Best/Worst Performing Products
  • Profit Margins
  • Order Fulfillment Speed
ordoro review

Ordoro Review: Pros & Cons + What is Dropshipping? eCommerce Dropshipping Made Easy

Ordoro isn't perfect like everything else in this world.  The best place to find complaints about Odoro would be on Twitter.  In addition, you can find other complaints if you Google "Ordoro complaints".  However, the negatives are never without positives and it's really comes down to whether Ordoro does what you're paying it do.  Ordoro does make it easy for an entrepreneur to streamline their dropshipping fulfillment process.  We've compiled a list of pros and cons around the internet.
  • Positive
  • negative
  • Dropshipping orders are automatically sent to suppliers
  • 67% discounted rates for USPS shipments
  • Industry standard customer service support
  • Vendors can access orders via vendors' login
  • Integrates with all the major eCommerce platforms and marketplaces
  • Out-of-date support documents
  • Pricing based on monthly orders
  • Basic plans don't include dropshipping features
  • FedEx and Ordoro doesn't sync very well
  • Lack of features and integrations 

Ordoro Review: Integrations + What is Dropshipping? eCommerce Dropshipping Made Easy

Ordoro offers a decent integrations list.  The software integrates with every major eCommerce platform, marketplace, and more.  With all the integrations, Ordoro makes it easy to scale and add features to your dropshipping business.  In my opinion, I love being able to add features to my businesses.  It's like building your dream home or playing with Legos minus the annoying part of stepping on them.  Ordoro offers an open API.  Here's a feature list of Ordoro's integrations:
ordoro review
ordoro review
ordoro review
ordoro review
ordoro review
ordoro review
ordoro review
ordoro review
ordoro review
ordoro review
ordoro review
ordoro review
ordoro review
ordoro review

See the full integrations list here.

Ordoro Review: Conclusion + What is Dropshipping? eCommerce Dropshipping Made Easy

Ordoro does makes it easy for you to manage all your dropshipping shipments in a single dashboard.  There will be no more time spent on logging into multiple accounts to print shipping labels and manage shipments in different sales channels.  I don't want to spend my time logging into Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and my Shopify store to track all my orders and shipments.  That's too much unnecessary busy work.  The chance of missing an order is too great.  With Ordoro, it's easy to see the orders come into a single dashboard then sync it with a few clicks.

Ordoro isn't an economical solution.  However, it's like buying an iPhone.  You're paying for quality and simplicity.  The industry standard for dropshipping customer service support is an added premium and the seamless dropshipping automation is well worth the month.  As a whole, the positives outweigh the negative when it comes to Ordoro.  Ordoro integrates with all the major eCommerce platforms, so it's really easy to start a dropshipping business.  

In my opinion, I have to say Oboro is definitely worth the effort because of the automation and the multiple sales channel syncing is convenient.  They make it easy to manage all your sales channels.  With Ordoro, you can sell on eBay, Amazon, Etsy and your own Shopify store.  Not using Shopify?  Using BigCommerce, 3dCart, WooCommerce, Ecwid, or Square?  It's not an issue.  They integrate with all of them.  Ordoro is a must if you're doing dropshipping with multiple sales channels.

ordoro review
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