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livechat review
This is our LiveChat review. What is LiveChat? LiveChat is one of the best customer service support software on the market.  LiveChat software integrates with Wix, Shopify, BigCommerce, Weebly, FreshDesk, Ecwid, and 3DCart. There's LiveChat Wordpress and WooCommerce too. It's an amazing customer service software to use to help close sales and boost revenue. 
LiveChat is considered as one of the live chat software on the web.  It's one of the many customer service support software in a crowded market.  There's FreshDesk, which is a great one too.  LiveChat offers a number of great resources with their extensions and their robust integrations with other eCommerce platforms and marketing solutions.  In addition, LiveChat can boost your bottom line; also, it helps resolve a lot of customer support issues on the spot. 

LiveChat is use in many different way.  LiveChat could be use for lead generation, mobile chat, promoter score, chat online with visitors, online surveys, and so many other cases.  In addition, LiveChat applications can be utilized on mobile, desktop, and web applications; it's compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS.  LiveChat definitely has you covered with its different operating systems compatibility and it's large list of integrations.  Full list of integrations here.  Do we think it's the best customer support software on the market?  Let's find out.
LiveChat Review: Efficiencies
LiveChat helps you streamline your customer service.  It does things phone calls and emails can't do, which is handle multiple customers requests at one time.  With LiveChat, you can chat with ten (10) visitors at a time versus being on the phone with one (1) customer and having others wait.  How many times have we been annoyed with long wait times for customer service calls?  LiveChat solves that issue for us!

Also, you don't have to be online all the time.  LiveChat has a support ticket integrated into its chat box when you're not online.  Customers can send you a request by opening a ticket.  It's extremely useful and easy because it's on every page of your business.  They don't have to navigate to a certain to submit inquiries or requests.  It's right in front of them at all times.  For any eCommerce store, LiveChat is definitely necessary to implement.
livechat review

LiveChat Review: Boost Sales

LiveChat helps you boost sales via its chat box.  It helps you direct customers to products they're looking for in seconds.  They don't have to navigate through your website to find products.  You can send them a direct link to help you close sales.  In addition, you can answer any questions about your product right there.  Also, you can help guide them through the checkout process.  It's simplifies your eCommerce checkout process.  It definitely boosts sales for its users.  

Don't believe me?  Check out what LiveChat's customers are saying about their service

livechat review

LiveChat Review: Cost Saving Applications

What I really love about LiveChat?  It works on different devices.  I can use LiveChat on my Google Pixel phone, my MacBook, my daily Lenovo laptop, iPad, or Android tablet.  This is really helpful because I don't have to be glued to a single device.  I can take a vacation and answer any customer questions with LiveChat.  All I have to bring is my iPad, or Android tablet, and my phone.  I can leave all the heavy and bulky laptops at home. 

In addition, the compatibility is really helpful with your customer service staff. It eliminates the cost of buying them work computers and they can do their work via their own devices.  Plus, it also eliminates the need for office space as they can work from home or remotely in their own cities.  Also, the chat boxes are secure and fast on any device.  It's definitely a cost effective way to implement a customer service department.  Check out how the app works on mobile devices here.

LiveChat Review: Features

LiveChat has a huge feature list.  It's a little too much to list on our LiveChat review.  However, we'll highlight the important features. 
Visitors tracking
Ticketing system
E-commerce tools

See the full features list here.

LiveChat Review: Integrations

LiveChat integrates with pretty much every popular eCommerce Platform in the world.  In addition, they integrate with all the main email marketing services like MailChimp.  It's an extremely powerful to have to boost revenue and automate your customer service support.  Entrepreneurs are truly missing out on this great opportunity if they don't implement it into their business websites.  The customer reviews speak for themselves.  Here's a summarize list of integrated services. 
MailChimp review
3DCart Reviews
livechat review
livechat review
Best eCommerce Platforms
livechat review
Best eCommerce Platforms
Best eCommerce Platforms
Best eCommerce Platforms
livechat review
livechat review
livechat review

See the full integration list here.

LiveChat Review: Current Prices

livechat review

LiveChat Review: Conclusion

LiveChat offers so much for so little.  It helps automate your customer service support; in addition, it helps you boost sales with customer interaction.  It's a powerful tool to help boost your business. Also, it integrates into so many different eCommerce platforms and email marketing services.  It's hard to past up with its small monthly fee.  In addition, we have a $10 USD credit and a FREE 30 day trial offer for you.  There's no credit card required.  Click on the "Get It Now' button for your $10 USD credit and free trial.
livechat review
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