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vertical response review
This is our Vertical Response review. What is Vertical Response? Vertical Response is one of the best emailing marketing services on the market.  Vertical Response helps you build your mailing list and perform mass mailing services.  With Vertical Response basic plan, the email marketing service allows unlimited emails every month. 
Vertical Response is considered as one of the best emailing marketing services on the web.  It's one of the many email marketing service in a crowded market.  There's  Aweber, Ontraport, and MailChimp offering similar email marketing services.  However, Vertical Response offers unlimited monthly emails in their basic plan.  It's one of the reasons why it makes them stand out of the crowd.  In addition, Vertical Response helps build your brand, your mailing list, and allow you to remove their branding from all emails.  They offer landing pages, surveys, advanced reporting tools, A/B testing, test kits, autoresponders, and many more features.   

Vertical Response makes the whole process easy.  It's the perfect tool to really perfect your marketing emails and build your mailing list.  Vertical Response is the perfect mass mailing service for small businesses who are don't like email limits.  In addition, you can connect to Zapier, Wordpress, BigCommerce, Ecwid, and many more applications.  Full list here. With all their integrations, the argument is strong for Vertical Response for your emailing marketing services.  Do we think it's the best email marketing services on the market?  Let's find out.

Vertical Response Review: Email Automation
Vertical Response email marketing service helps you automate your mass mailing services.  The service helps you send automatic follow-up emails in case a new subscriber missed your initial email.  It's simple.  All you have to do is create a new subject line and designate when to resend it.  In addition, you can track improvements in your newsletter campaign.     

In addition, Vertical Responses automated email campaigns help you with all your subscribers.  It doesn't matter whether they're a new subscriber, been with you a few months, or been with you for years.  They help keep them engage and nurture your relationships with them.  Vertical Response mass mailing services are simple to setup and you can analyze your results in real time.  This way you can deliver your emails at the right time to increase revenue.

Vertical Response Review: Landing Pages

Vertical Response email mailing service comes with professional Landing Pages.  The Landing Pages are launch in four easy steps.  In addition, you can use an SEO optimized Landing Page or build your own.  Vertical Response will host your Landing Page for you or you can choose to use your own URL.  The choice is completely up to you.  What do you need a Landing Page for? 

You can build brand awareness, showcase a new product, launch a new product, capture leads, collect emails, and so much more.  It's really up to you how you can utilize one of the best marketing tools on the web.  With Vertical Response's Landing Page, there's no coding experience need.  Everything is easy built with Vertical Response email marketing service.  I really like Vertical Response's Content Box Editor.  It's definitely in my top 4 editors for all the emailing marketing services. 
I think Vertical Response Content Box Editor makes a strong case for one of the best email marketing services.

vertical response review

Vertical Response Review: Content Box Editor

Vertical Response's Content Box Editor makes setting up a newsletter for an email marketing service simply.  They really simplifies the process.  With Vertical Response's Content Box, you can easily move content up and down, right and left, and add rows and columns.  It's a really flexible editor and it's like a building box game.  There's no coding or design experience needed to customize your emails to fit your brand.

In addition, Vertical Response email templates are 100% mobile responsive.  In other words, your emails will look amazing whether they're seen on a laptop, tablet, or phone.  This isn't something that's included in all the best email marketing services in the industry.   There's no need to test it out on different screens.  The emails are ready to send to your mailing list in no time.

Vertical Response Review: A/B Testing

Vertical Response email marketing service has a great feature called A/B testing.  It's a tool to see what headlines work to help your open rates.  It really should be included in all the mass mailing services.  However, it's not.  With A/B testing, you can determine the subject lines or other email content that works. 

What gets more clicks?  What gets more purchases?  What gets more opens?  What email lengths work best?  Vertical Response helps you get those answers with their email metrics.  
This definitely makes them stand out among those who are consider the best emailing marketing services in the market.  Could this consider them one of the best email marketing services?  
vertical response review

Vertical Response Review: Surveys

Vertical Response helps you collect your customers' opinions via your mailing list.  You can send out unlimited surveys to improve a product.  Also, surveys shows you value your customers' opinions.  They're easy to setup and reporting is in real-time.  In addition, you can choose from 11 different questions types:
  • Text Field
  • Comment Field
  • Star Rating
  • Multiple Text Fields
  • Multiple Choice
  • Drop-down
  • and more.  See the list here.
vertical response review

Vertical Response Review: Current Prices

vertical response review

Vertical Response Review: Conclusion

Vertical Response email marketing service makes a strong case.  The price point is definitely better than Aweber, MailChimp, and Ontraport in terms email limits.  Vertical Response is a great option for those who want to be able to get more customer feedback and like a simple content box editor.  In addition, they do a great job with building your mailing list and nothing beats a good A/B testing for mass mailing services.   It's hard to determine best emailing marketing services because it really depends on your needs.  However, Vertical Response makes a strong case.
vertical response review
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